Winter Citrus Sidecar + A Decision to Change

by Tokyo Terrace on January 11, 2011


Im sorry it has taken me so long to put up a new post. After all the cars, trains and planes that carried us through Tokyo, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit and finally Tokyo again (in that order), I needed a few days to clear my head. Rather than going into all the details, Ill just say this: there was a lot of laughter, hugs, food, wine, and SNOW!

It was great to spend time with both my family and my husbands. We had a truly blessed Christmas season. So much so that my waistline was screaming for me to leave it alone for a few days! Yeah, I ate myself into oblivion and was in desperate need of some detoxification. I did a pretty good job eating light for the first 5 days after returning to Japan. No dairy, no sugar, limited caffeine and no alcohol. I feel back to the way things were before all the abuse to my system. Now, Im working on overhauling my daily diet so things can continue to go in the right direction (down), giving me a healthy start to the new year. And it would be great if my swimsuit didnt hate me when spring break comes aroundjust sayin.

Im not using the dreaded R word here. Resolutions usually mean will fail miserably in only 2 days. Instead, I am simply making a decision to be different. I will indulge when it is appropriate and only then. I will have control over food and make good, healthy, sustainable choices without completely depriving myself. I will cook cleaner meals. And I will be happy with myself. Thats all there is to it.

Am I getting myself into a deep hole? I hope not.

It may seem strange to pair a cocktail with a post like this one. I recognize that. I thought it would be a symbolic gesture- one last cocktail for a little while so I can get things under control. I will not be abandoning my blog style, including the cocktail side of things, just balancing them out a bit more.

To toast my new venture, here is a delicious variation of the Sidecar made with the syrupy leftovers of some candied kumquats and yuzu I made, along with a little fresh orange juice. The intense citrus flavor is beautiful and welcome in these darker winter days. Kumquats and yuzu are classic winter citrus fruits found in Tokyo around this time of year. Yuzu season is coming to a close, but not before the tiny orange kumquats begin to dot various trees, making winter seem a little more cheerful.

I would love to hear how youre changing your eating habits after a season of overindulgence! Im always up for suggestions and brilliant ideas!


Winter Citrus Sidecar

Makes 2 drinks

3 oz. whiskey (I used Japanese whiskey, but Stranahans or Macallan are good choices too)

2 oz. fresh squeezed orange or clementine juice

2 oz. kumquat/yuzu syrup (click here to make your own kumquat simple syrup, or use the leftovers from homemade candied citrus if you have it)

Super fine sugar for rimming the glass

1. Use a lemon wedge to moisten the rims of two cocktail glasses. Carefully dip them in the sugar.

2. Combine all the ingredients except the sugar in a shaker filled with ice. Shake for about 30 seconds or until you see a little frost on the metal shaker.

3. Pour into the cocktail glasses and serve.

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  • Bailey Yamamoto

    Me.. no sugar if I can help it, no snacks, just my meal bars and one serving of rice a day cut out dairy mostly too, I try to stick to 1200 cals no more than 1400 when Im detoxing and trying to lose a few I think with all the running, cleaning cooking, baking, gave me a work out on the days I didnt I think the fat laden meals werent too bad considering I kept busy I always have a large mug of oolong cha after a meal as well Im not really a meat eater that much, but I do like it, just certain cuts, I will take a nitrate filled piece of ham and sprinkle it on a salad but ham is something I have in moderation chicken breast is a nicer, healthier alternative.

    Im just now getting a chance to relax, the opposite for us, were more busy than relaxing. welcome back

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  • Nicole

    A few of my culinary goals for 2011 include incorporating more fish into my weekly meals and to bake with more whole grain flours. So far its going well now I just need to keep it up until December!

  • Lisa@Tarte du Jour

    Cheers! This sounds delicious. You certainly deserved a little cocktail after all that traveling! Sounds like a nice Christmas holiday!

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