Cocktail Friday: Sparkling Blood Orange Margarita

by Tokyo Terrace on August 13, 2010


Hot, hot heat. Thats what August seems to be all about for many right now. Heavy air teams up with burning sunshine to make it completely and utterly uncomfortable to set foot outside. Its as if someone turned up the thermostat as high as possible and then covered everything in a big blanket. When the weather reaches this point, we have two options: 1) sit inside with our feet in a bowl of ice water and the AC cranked, or 2) put ourselves in close proximity to a body of water. Today, my family went with option 2. We spend the afternoon on Bald Eagle Lake where we enjoyed swimming and cool drinks to fend off the heat. No matter which option you chose, a cold beverage helps pass the time and cool the temperature. Temporarily anyway.

If you are in the same boat as we are here in Minnesota (I know; Minnesota + heat in the same sentence is a little strange) then you need to try this Sparkling Blood Orange Margarita. As much as I love a good traditional margarita (on the rocks, please!) they can occasionally be overly sweet and syrupy. This bubbly margarita is made with blood orange French soda, which gives it an effervescence that is welcome during these seemingly intolerable days. The sweetness is subtle but enough to stand up to the salted rim of the glass.

Speaking of the glass, I found these beautiful vintage glasses at an antique store the other day and I am in love. They are delicate, unique and a perfect new prop for Cocktail Fridays!

Cheers to the dog days of summer and  the last Cocktail Friday post before I head back to Tokyo next week.

Sparkling Blood Orange Margarita

Makes 1 drink

2 oz. tequila

4-6 oz. Blood Orange French Soda

1 tablespoon lime juice


Margarita salt

Lime wedges

Before putting any liquid in the glass, use a lime wedge to wet the edge of the glass. Dip the rim of the glass in the margarita salt. Put the tequila in the glass, followed by the lime juice. Next, add the ice cubes gently (if you arent careful, a lot of the salt will fall of the rim of the glass). Finally, top the glass off with the blood orange soda and garnish the glass with a lime wedge.

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  • ZenChef
    I see youre enjoying your summer in style. I wish i could have 2 of those! Okay maybe 3. :) Love that youre using the blood orange soda in the cocktail. Ive had it before but never thought of using it in a cocktail. Sounds delicious!
  • Fontainepatty
    yummm that sounds good. When will you be making me one?
  • TokyoTerrace
    I wish I could make one for you right now!
  • Krisdave
    Blood orange? Tequila? Lime? Oh. My. God. Whats not to like there? And those photos are lovely. I know how hard it can be to photograph drinks. Nicely done.
  • TokyoTerrace
    I know! The combination went together so well I could hardly stand it! We went to make more the next day and (alas) there was no blood orange soda left :( Glad you like the photos too- This was such an easy drink to photograph because it was already very pretty, but I also had very nice natural light that day. Always a blessing!
  • jf
    This both looks - and sounds - delicious! Always find margs too sweet, this perfect solution.
    Pics make me want to print, frame, hang - photography gorgeous!
  • TokyoTerrace
    Thanks Jenny! I hope you get to try making one of these sometime this summer- share with Debbi and have a little girls night maybe? ;)
  • jf
    That both looks - and sounds - delicious! Will definitely try. Always find margs too sweet, this sounds perfect solution.
    The pics make me want to print out, frame & hang (gorgeous photography)!
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